Winnipeg Rocks!

A dash to the airport and on to the plane to Winnipeg. We were met by a giant bus that laid us in the lap of luxury! Well, maybe not quite, but it was pretty nice.

Jay Whetter, editor of Country Guide, met with us and then it was off to Friercrest Dairy. They were some very well photographed cows and calves by the time we left there!

We had a good meeting to learn about Hytek Ltd. The hog industry is certainly complex.

Here are some shots of what we’ve been up to. At the top, Jay checks out the calf, two cows check out me and in the group shot — well, we’re hungry. Clockwise are Stacie, Aire, Marie-Eve, Nicole, Angela and Joanna. Last shot — well, how cute is this?


2 thoughts on “Winnipeg Rocks!

  1. Cool.are some of the people in college? Hope you’re having a good time taking pictures of cows? Hope you’re haveing fun!love olivia I love you!you’the best!Good bye see you soon!

  2. Hi Olivia. Yes, all of the students on the trip are learning to be newspaper reporters. They really love to ask lots of questions, just like you! Taking pictures of the cows was lots of fun. I’ll show you more soon.Love,Mom

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