Working Weekends

When I first started to work from home, I would spend my days goofing off. These were the times before blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even email, so I really have no idea how I wasted so much time. At least now I have an excuse!

My husband would come home from his office job and reality kicked in — I still had a pile of writing to do. Yet he was at my office door wondering when I would be finished, if I wanted to go out, what I wanted to do with the evening. “Sorry,” I had to say, “I’ve got work to do. Can’t.”

I did that maybe twice.

Working 9-5 isn’t always possible, especially with laptops and Blackberries and iPhones keeping us connected. It’s even harder, I think, when we work at home, since you’re always “at the office.” Even if you don’t work from home, that Blackberry tends to keep humming right through the weekend.

Still, I do my best to watch the clock and keep somewhat regular working hours. I’ve gotten pretty good at it too — except this weekend, where procrastination has lead me to my office and leaves me sitting at home working while everyone else is out for dinner.

I guess it’s been a while since the fun left me behind at the computer and I needed a reminder. I’m lucky to have family who understands.

But dare I hope my family’s dinner host tonight will send a doggy bag home for me??

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