Eating – Is there a solution to the confusion?

Dr. Joe Schwarcz, the Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, is set to cut through the confusion when he addresses the annual meeting of the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association on Friday, Jan. 16 in Saskatoon.

Conventional or organic? Local or imported? The confusion mounts when virtually every day brings news about some “miracle food” that we should be gulping down. One day it’s tomatoes to prevent cancer, then flaxseed against heart disease or soybeans for menopause. Then there are the worries: genetic modification, pesticide residues, aspartame, MSG, the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements. We need proper science to guide us through this nutritional maze.

Attendees will learn the proper science behind nutrition which will better enable them to dispel some of the myths driving various diet trends.

Schwarcz writes a weekly newspaper column in the Montreal Gazette entitled “The Right Chemistry” as well as a monthly column in Canadian Chemical News. He was the chief consultant on the Reader’s Digest best sellers “Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal” and “The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs.”

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