Celebrating Canadian Farm Families

I’m writing a book, Celebrating Canadian Farm Families (working title), and I need your assistance.

This book will profile farms of all sizes, from all sectors, from all parts of Canada and I’m looking for farmers to write about.

Who am I looking for?

Male or female, it doesn’t matter. Size of the farm doesn’t matter either — I want to profile corporate family farms that are thousands of acres in size and the family farms that are the size of a postage stamp. As long as someone is earning an income from the farming they do, I’m interested. Organic or non-organic (and everything in between) — that doesn’t matter either.

Since the book is a celebration of family operated farms, that’s a key element to who I’m looking for. But just like families come in all shapes and sizes these days, so do the farms. Maybe you know of a multi-generational farm, siblings working together or spouses. In all of these cases, I want to interview several members of the family farm operation, so an openness to sitting around the kitchen table or taking me out to show me around the farm is important.

Also key is passion and enthusiasm for agriculture — loving what they do and loving the life they’re living. I recognize there are problems facing Canadian farmers and I’m open to talking about those matters with the families, but I will focus on those who approach issues as problem-solvers, rather than problem-moaners, with the overall celebration of family farming as the main theme.

If someone comes to mind , I would appreciate it if you could forward their contact information to me and maybe tell me a bit about them. If you’ve written about them, just send me a link to the story, or direct me to the family farm website.

Alternatively, you can send my contact information to them and ask them to contact me. I will be travelling this fall and winter and visit many of the farmers to profile in this book.

A million thank yous for your help with this — and please contact me at allison@finnamore.ca if you have questions or comments. Also, please feel free to circulate this.

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