PEI Potato Industry Welcomes Rick Mercer

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, November 16, 2010 — The Prince Edward Island Potato Industry welcomed Rick Mercer, from The Rick Mercer Report, on October 12, 2010, through invitation by the PEI Potato Board.

Rick Mercer and his crew met with Jason and Bertram Webster, of Middleton Farms, and Troy Webster, of Webster Farms in Middleton, PEI to highlight the 2010 PEI Potato harvest and demonstrate the process of bringing in the crop. Rick Mercer spent the day in the fields, learning about growing and digging potatoes. Jason also showed Rick how to work the heavy equipment, including the tractors and harvesters. “It was a beautiful day in the fields. Rick was a great sport, and he and the whole crew really got into it. They were so easy to work with and it was like spending the day with some friends,” says Jason Webster, PEI Potato Grower, “Rick was genuinely interested in what we do.”

The crew also got to see how potatoes get to the consumer level by visiting a local packing shed where fresh consumer bags are packed. “People think that their food comes from grocery stores,” said Rick Mercer, to a CBC reporter. The visit provided a great opportunity to show viewers of the Rick Mercer Report right across Canada what goes into food production.

Greg Donald, General Manager of the PEI Potato Board says “We were very excited to welcome Rick and his crew. We invited them showcase the passion that the growers have and the pride in the product that they produce. What better way to than with The Rick Mercer Report.”

The segment will air on The Rick Mercer Report, on Nov. 23 at 8:00pm on CBC Television.

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s largest producer of potatoes, with 84,500 planted acres, 320 potato growers, and a history that dates back to the 1790’s. The industry is finishing up the 2010 potato harvest, with reports of average yields and good quality.

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