Friends of Inspiration

Wendy left today for six months in California. Sandra is a few weeks into four months in the British Virgin Islands. Deborah is enjoying the success of seven years (!!) of research on a book. Brian is living his dream of being self-employed. Debby raised some amazing kids (a success itself) while attending university and now holds a PhD. Doreen is confidently working towards her book. Nina’s is continuously taking another step in growing her business. Lilian and Owen are leading an organizing committee into its final year of hosting an international event. Olivia had five A+ on her last report card. Tamara is Zen.

And that’s just some of you. You’re all taking amazing, awe-inspiring, wonderful steps in your lives. Each of you is living a full life and working towards your dreams. Some of you are living your dreams and creating new ones.

Every morning when I open up my email, Twitter or Facebook accounts and see what each of you have been up to, I get so excited by you and for you! If I’m feeling like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I look around at my friends and am motivated to keep going — work harder to reach my goals — personal and professional.

Thank you for being you and being such wonderful sources of energy and inspiration.

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