Culture Club

This is almost my last post about my trip in January to Berlin! There were just so many great sights and stories that evolved from the visit and I love sharing them. I was going to  make this my last post, but when I started going through my photos, I knew I would need just one more.

International Green Week is a celebration of food, agriculture and horticulture, but the most obvious of those is the culture that’s emitted from every step along the way through the 26 acres of halls. Countries proudly display their flags, wear their traditional costumes, recreate small corners of their homeland, play their music and share their home with the rest of the world. It’s a welcoming feeling along every step.

Here are the last of my photos from International Green Week, these ones looking at the culture around the show.

German dancers, wearing traditional costumes
These women weren't nearly as stiff as their costumes make them look.
Musicians outside one of the beer gardens.
This Russian choir gave a commanding performance.
Russion bread
This display of Russian bread is more like an art display.

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