A bit of Swenska före kongressen (Swedish before congress)


Cheat sheet No. 1

In anticipation of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists’ 2012 congress in Stockholm, Sweden in August, we had a chance to chat with our Swedish colleague Magnus Stark and learn a few key Swedish words and phrases. I haven’t included all of the phrases Magnus taught — some of them you’ll have to figure out on your own.

Vad heter du? — What is your name?
Jag heter Allison — My name is Allison
Tack — Thanks
Tack så mycke — Thank you very much
Snälla – Please
Jag dricker öl – I drink beer
Skål – Cheers

The early bird registration deadline for IFAJ 2012 in Sweden has been extended to March 31, so there’s still time to register and take advantage of the reduced rates. Details are at the congress website, http://www.ifaj2012.se/. Registration remains open for the pre-congress tour of Finland and the post-congress tour of the Island of Gotland, Sweden.

Cheat Sheet No. 2


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