Twitter Terms

Retweet and hashtag, MT and FF… social media is just as jargon-filled as agriculture!

Here’s a quick Twitter glossary to help you out.

  • Tweet: a posted message on Twitter
  • Retweet (RT): reposting, word for word, what someone else has posted on Twitter. Be courteous and recognize the original source, prefacing the tweet with “RT”
  • Modified Tweet (MT): sometimes tweets need to be shortened in order to fit into the 140 characters. Taking out words or reworking someone else’s message a bit is a MT. Replace “RT” with “MT” to acknowledge the original source
  • Direct Message (DM): these are private messages between yourself and one of your Twitter followers, or someone who follows you. DMs are only possible between those who follow each other. Excellent way to carry on a brief, private conversation. Still limited to 140 characters
  • Hashtag: The number sign – # – is called a hashtag in the Twitter-verse. It’s a way of tagging a word so that others interested in the same topic can use the search function to find tweets or interest. #farm, #ag, #cdnag, #westernag, #Ontag, #atlntcanag are some common ones you may be interested in. Hashtags can also be used as a subtle way of making a joke. “13-y-o kid wants an iPhone 5 for Xmas #FatChance”
  • Newsfeed: you’ve clicked “follow” to create a group of people on Twitter who you follow. Your newsfeed is their tweets coming in to you.
  • Favourites: in your newsfeed, under someone’s tweet, there is a star, which you can click on to favour someone’s tweet. This is a great way to either indicate that you like what they said. Other times, the tweet may contain a link to a blog post or a news story that you want to read or remember. By clicking the star and favouring the tweet, it bookmarks the tweet and allows you to find it again later.
  • TY: Thank you. Also common: thx. When there are only 140 characters, word frugality is a necessity.
  • YW: You’re welcome.
  • #FF: Follow Friday. This is a great way to find new followers and recognize those you already follow. There are a few ways to make #FollowFriday work for you.

1. Create a short list of about four followers and simply say something like “#FF to …”

2. The first way doesn’t tell me, as one of your readers, about why to follow these people you’re suggestion, so I like to put something like “#FF hi to great Cdn #farmers…”

3. You can also create a blog post and list your #FF picks and add a sentence about why you follow each of them. Not as effective, though, because it’s unlikely readers will read your tweet then click to go someplace else to read your list.

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