Who motivates you?

“Don’t tell me it can’t be done. Tell me how we can work together to make it happen.” – me, about every other week (is it too vain to quote myself on my own blog?)

I draw a lot of my energy from others. Attending writers’ conferences, lunch with like-minded business people, visiting farms… all (and more!) start my mind racing and the ideas flowing. My favourite scenario is to gather with a group of colleagues and start brain-storming. Once the collaboration starts, the project unfolds and the energy builds. Then — there’s no stopping us!

Hopefully, I return some of that same energy to others.

Good energy feeds off itself, just like negative energy does. If you hang out with nay-sayers who always have an excuse for why that idea won’t work or why that suggestion is bad, then I suggest you find a new crew to spend your valuable time with.

I had lunch today with two people who share my attitude — everything is possible. It may take a lot of hard work and determination to get it done — but believing in your dreams is the first, and most important step, in making them come true. We weren’t even talking about a specific project today, but because of our common attitudes, I left ready to take on anything and make it all happen for me in my business.

And that is what’s called a power lunch.

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