"Ich liebe dich" and other handy phrases

In anticipation of going to Berlin, I downloaded an app for my iPhone that teaches basic German phrases. I had tried some that translate words when you type them into the “search” bar, but I needed the audio to help with pronounciation.

The app, Speak German, has phrases sorted by social situations: basics, business, emergency, travel… and then the topics like leisure and relationships. So along with teaching hello, good bye, do you have a business card, who are your customers the app also hits leisure and social situations. I want a beer, that’s hilarious and let’s party are classified as leisure topics.

Under relationships, the phrases are mostly typical bar talk: are you free for dinner, are you married and call me.

For the most part, the phrases are delivered in a clear, easy to understand voice. It would be nice if the app had someway to slow down the phrase — I had to repeat several of the phrases many times in order to hear the sound of some letter combinations. Even with my headphones on, they could be hard to pick-up.

My favourite phrase is filed under relationships. The voice, Benjamin A. Holfeld is rich and smooth, and I blush with the passion he puts into Ich liebe dich or I love you.

And how great is it that in this day and age, we can find an app that not only teaches us to say I want a drink and what are you studying, also teaches I love you. Now that’s special.\

iTunes preview of the Speak German app

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