A blogging course — Really?

I’m lucky to have a strong professional network through the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada (PWAC) and the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation (CFWF).

I have trusted peers locally, nationally and internationally who I can call on for help, advice, support and friendship. Or a glass of wine or bottle of beer.

A couple of PWAC colleagues, Wendy and Trudy, and I decided we were looking for just a bit more oomph from our network. We wanted to find someway to carry on that enthusiasm we get from professional development workshops, conferences and meetings. You know that high when ideas flow just by having a discussion with like-minded entrepreneurs? We wanted to bottle it and drink deeply every week.

Last November, we started to meet once a week via Skype. So far, so good, although in some ways, we’re still finding our groove.

When we met last week and Wendy talked about taking a blogging course, my initial reaction (that I kept to myself) was, “a blogging course — really?? Why do you need a blogging course? Just jump in and do it!” But Wendy was excited about it, the course came with high recommendation from another PWAC colleague and I was happy that Wendy was finally going to start working towards her goal of setting up a blog. Trudy asked for the course information and I did too.

I changed my attitude about the validity of a blogging course when I checked out the outline and realized it would answer many questions I’ve been wondered about blogging, but just hadn’t gotten around to answering on my own. Making the switch to Word Press, syndication, effective use of widgets… stuff I could probably get a handle on myself — probably someday — were all nicely packaged into a six week course.

Sign me up! I’m in.

And that’s the beauty of a good network of support. They’re always inspiring, even when you least expect it and when you’ve let your support for the others slip a little.

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